Full Tuck Cycling Sunglasses.

Designed to ride your bike.


Like other lenses.

But better.

By using a combination of different shapes and lens coating, we've been able to devlop lenses which find the perfect harmony between protection and clarity. 

With so many different options to choose from, we narrowed down our research to focus on three different lens styles to cover the key categories found in riding: Cat 0 (no sun), Cat 2 (cloud /sun) and Cat 3 (bright sun). Cycling requires a very unique lens which has to not only work with colour filtration and adapt to constantly changing light, but also to do so while being used at speed. We use selective light filtering to make sure you see the colours that matter.

The left side of the image represents the human eye, and the right is with the cat 2 lens we offer. Striking, eh?

Optimised for bikes.

All-day-long riding comfort.

Not just any bikes, but road bikes. We don't just design our glasses for multiple disciplines. These are designed for one thing only. 

As a result, we were able to adapt the shape to sit cleanly under your helmet and introduced an additional level of sizing (with the adjustable nose piece). This means you can ride all day in total comfort.

Product image
Founder image

Designed on the roads.

All of our sunglasses are designed, tested, used and abused in the Alps. From our base in Chamonix Mt-Blanc, we're able to test our products to the extreme. We don't just post pictures of Alpine cols. We ride them daily to improve what we do.

The perfect fit

Adjustable nose piece, soft rubber tipped arms.

Lightweight by nature

Just 29 grams per pair. The perfect excuse to take an extra slice of cake.

Clear vision

Like, so clear. Bike lenses handle a tremendous range of conditions and colours, which is what we've optimised ours for.