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Superb as always.


Great cap bought it to go with my vintage road bike - my mate kindly informed me that I can’t wear a helmet when riding it - cap only !

Pink to make em wink 😉

Absolutely love my vibrant pink cap. Fits really well under my helmet, not too tight, the fabric is really soft & comfy, the peak stays up allowing the cap to do a fabulous job of keeping the sweat out of my eyes! Now I need one I’m every colour-matchy matchy 😜

Where’s the cap???

I still haven’t received my cap that I ordered 2 weeks ago! And nobody seems interested in acknowledging my emails!!!! Not impressed FullTuck

Awesome cap

Bought a cap from full tuck, which is really comfortable, nice elastic and fits under my helmet far better than my last one

I am happy in the photo, just concentrating lol.

Superb Fit

Excellent quality and really comfortable to wear

super comfy

absolutely the best pair of cycling glasses i have ever owned. lenses are easy to swap out and big enough to give you enough viewing of whats ahead and when looking around.

Great cap, great fit!

Super happy with these caps, I have a teeny tiny head(!) so a lot of my other caps don't fit as snuggly as I'd want but these fit really well. Lightweight too, so you can hardly feel them under your helmet and when spring/summer finally arrives they should breathe nicely. Top notch!

Quality product and fits like no other cycling cap. Awesome stuff

New kit

New cycling cap from the team at Full Tuck is perfect
Super fit, super stylish and ideal for a quick blast on these winter afternoons. Thanks guys x

It’s all about the #fulltuck

Great quality

Great quality and great value 👏

Perfect for any occasion

I wear my caps daily. Being it on my road bike, or mtb. Cool, comfy and fits better than the rest. Il be full tuck everytime I ride.

great company with like minded cyclists

heave tried this cap in the pouring scottish rain and it is great dries fast and repels a reasonable amount but most importantly it looks great, has been washed a few time (4 in total ) yes to many hills on my route and still holds the colour as if out the package , yes you can get cheaper ones but hey it for yourself and i deserve it, think i shall try the white one for when i am away touring see if it can reflect the heat.

ace hat

Perfect little cap

Stylish and practical. The Celeste cap even matches my Bike!!

Great hat- awesome fit

Fits perfectly, and it doesn’t leave a ridge in my head like other brands do. Oh and it the same color as my bike!

A Scorpion Robotnik Green Hat Review

Love my Full Tuck cap and stickers, as do my kids.

Keeps my head clean and dry during mixed weather routes.

Really like the adjustability to help protect my eyes (and sunglasses) from water and sun. Turn it 180 and it protects my neck too.

One of my favourite KITT purchases, would give it 6/5 but that is not an option 🙂💛🚲💨

My new 'go-to'

Excellent cap. Looks great, comfy, and wicks the gallons of sweat away from pouring into my eyes lol. Gonna get myself a collection of all the colours

Top cap

Quality cap colour looks great and the material has an excellent feel to it. Wore it to work last week in some pretty miserable weather and its handled it no mither, kept me warn whilst looking great

Great hat

Great hat will definitely be looking to buy another

The red one

Great cap wore mine for the first time this week, will be ordering more soon


Always had trouble to get a cycling cap to fit
The description is 100% accurate it’s super comfy will definitely be buying more in different colours


Can't fault the cap at all spot on does what it's ment to do :)


The perfect fit,
Matches my club kit - Most important.
I didn't overheat on a (scottish) warm day.
The peak stayed up/down when i wanted it to.
It stops the sweat getting in my eyes
It looks really good.
It washes well / good quality

Another great cap you’ve got me into!

The same great quality as all my other ‘Full Tuck’ caps. Good fit, comfortable, stylish, they wash really well, meaning they don’t shrink or loose their colour. Again a very happy customer, I now nearly have a different colour cap for every day of the week. 👍 🧢

The 🍊1

Just started wearing caps to stop the sweat dripping down my face and glasses. Purchased this as the colour goes with my bike. Fits, works well and looks the part. Good quality. Maybe Full Tuck could consider making a summer one just to release some of the heat out 🤔 don’t think I’ve seen one on their site.