The Black and Orange Pair


A smorgasbord of excellence, merging truly-wicked clarity-enhancing cylindrical lenses with a frame that's light and adjustable to your face. Boom. They're specifically designed for, you guessed it, riding your road bike, fast. These aren't for mountain biking. They aren't for running. They aren't for an active lifestyle. These sunglasses are designed for one thing, and one thing only.

We've used our know-how to dial in the fit (with adjustable nose pieces) and used some magic dust on the lenses - clarity, UV protection and and and... just look at them. 


Our sunglasses are designed to fit heads from 53-61cm. The nose piece is adjustable and you'll be able to mould them around the shape of your face. Each helmet manufacturer designs things slightly differently, we've tested these with all of the big brands. If you have an issue with the fit, it's a free return.

Free shipping on all sunglasses and you've got 100 days to return them (even if they're used), free of charge.

  • They provide an uninterrupted field of vision, with total clarity. 
  • Have an excellent fit. Adjustable nose piece to make sure it really sits straight and soft rubber tipped arms.
  • UV400, grade 2, clarity enhanced lenses. These are for medium-intense sun light.
  • No vents in the lenses. Why? Because road biking is high speed. And we do not want flies coming through the gaps.
  • They had to be light. No added metal logos, sub 30G.
  • 8 second lens changes.Oh, and all glasses come with a clear lens included.
  • The frames are made from castor beans. Not plastic.
  • Lenses which don’t scratch… that’s a hard challenge to fix, but we’ve given it a damn good shot. 
  • Obviously an anti fog coating on the lens. We actually went marginal on the cooling to help keep the performance. Dreamy.


100-Day Money Back Guarantee (Regardless Of Condition)

Category 2 UV400 Lenses (Sun & Light Cloud)

Bio-based, plastic free frame.

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Customer Reviews

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super comfy

absolutely the best pair of cycling glasses i have ever owned. lenses are easy to swap out and big enough to give you enough viewing of whats ahead and when looking around.

Gareth S.

Great bike shades, classy packaging, swift service!

Super comfortable!

Had the first few rides with these at the land down under - super comfortable, adjustable nose pieces are great.