Where We Rode: Stelvio Pass

Stelvio. It's one of those legendary Cols that we've all had our on our to-do list for a long time, and finally - we went and did it. The original plan was to go and do a photoshoot for the launch of our new Sunglasses... but, the weather turned (the pictures are from the recce day) and we didn't get to shoot. 

However. We did ride it. What a climb it is. The route we picked started in Bormio, rode up one side and down to Prato allo Stelvio. Then, we had a few gels and rode back up the same side. North of 3,000M in a day on the menu.

If we're rating climbs, the ride up from Bormio is the more enjoyable of the two. It's not quite as scenic (a 9/10 instead of 10/10...), but the climb itself is just more fun. You've got plenty of company when you're on the hill, maybe a few more motorcycles than we'd like, but hey, everyone should get to enjoy this beauty.

Reaching the top of the pass is quite the feeling, especially if you're doing it for the second time in a day. The ride back down to Bormio is all downhill and doesn't require a pedal turn. Which, is exactly what you need. What a place.

As for where to stay, you've got loads of options. And as for where to eat.. It's Italy. So, like, anywhere. 

Keen? Here are some details

  • There is plenty of accommodation in Bormio, and several good bike shops. It's a bike friendly town, and a good place to base yourself.
  • This is a monster of an Alpine Col, which means you're only able to ride it from May-October. Always check the forecast before you go, and make sure you see if the pass is open.

The images of of Sunglasses were then taken by the excellent Luke Michael James Photography.