Where We Rode: Interlaken-ish

Situated in the German speaking region of Switzerland, Interlaken is a small town with some of the worlds most beautiful scenery. It's surrounded by mountains and two large lake, having become famous for mountain activities. The mountains in the region are notorious for being incredibly steep, which is one of the reasons base-jumpers flock to the area each year. When it comes to road biking, the options are infinite.

Where is it?

It's about 45 minutes South East of Bern, which makes it really easy to access. We started our ride out from the train station, and were able to hit quieter roads within 15 minutes of riding.

What's the riding like?

This ride turned out to be a short one, but still an absolute gem. Starting from Interlaken, we rode out of town and headed towards the alpine town of Saxeten. Almost immediately after leaving the confines of the city streets, things start to get steep. Real steep. Winding its way through the alpine terrain, you'll be breathing heavily for almost the entire ride - with an 890M climb in under 10km. Told you it was steep. Our ride didn't end up lasting long, as we approached the idyllic mountain town, the heavens started to open and we turned around to head back to shelter. All in all, a 25km ride with nearly 900M of climbing isn't bad for a quick afternoon pootle.

Keen? Here are some details

  • Interlaken and the surrounding areas have an unbelievable number of options, and it's well worth a visit if you get the chance
  • As ever, winter isn't optimal (Jan-Feb), but for the rest of the year - you're good to go