Should You Wear A Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet?

It's one of the age old questions that we get asked time and time again: can you (and should you) wear a cycling cap under your helmet? Well, let's dig in to it in more detail.

What's the origins of the cycle cap?

Back in the day (pre 2003), helmets didn't need to be worn when competing in races. This meant that the only garment professional cyclists would wear on top of their head was a cycling cap. They were designed to help keep sweat off your face, remove sunlight from going over the top of your sunglasses and lastly, a fashion piece.

In 2003, the rules all changed - with helmets being made mandatory for competition. This trickled down to the casual cyclists too, meaning (thankfully) pretty much everyone wears a helmet when riding today.

Cycling Hats in France

So, I get this. But should I wear one under my helmet?

YES! Without a doubt, a lot of riders do exactly this - and the benefits are still very clear. With a well-designed hat (like this beauty), it will still achieve the same goals as the pre-helmet days. The peak is still useful to stop sunlight from creeping between your helmet and the top of your glasses, and especially when descending - it can be quite problematic.

Sweat is another concern - and impacts some worse than others. If you're wearing your cycling hat under your helmet, it can help absorb the sweat and not only stop it trickling down your face, but crucially stop it from going into your sunglasses and clouding your vision.

One final point which is worth mentioning: you need to make sure you take this in to account when sizing your helmet. Your helmet should still fit correctly, and seek professional advice from your local bike store to make sure that you've got a snug fit.