How To Wear A Cycling Cap

You’ve seen them worn under helmets. Forwards and backwards. Peak up and peak down. At the coffee stop. And now you’re wondering, how on earth should you actually wear a cycling cap?

Well, let’s start by looking at the origins of the humble cycling cap. Before the UCI changed the rules back in the early 2000s, a lot of people simply didn’t wear helmets - and would wear a cycling cap to keep the sweat from hitting their brow and to catch the sun. Then, it all changed when helmets were (rightly) made mandatory.

Today - you’ll see lots of people wearing them differently and the reality is that it’s all down to personal preference. The only *really* important point? Make sure it doesn’t compromise the fit of your helmet. 

On your ride

Riding with a Cycling Cap on

Wearing a cycling cap under your helmet can help to stop the sun coming above the top of your sunglasses, and even more importantly - prevent sweat from trickling on to your face. You should have a level of adjustment in your helmet, and it will allow you to loosen up the rear to make sure that the fit is still suitable. Peak up is the traditional position, and the flip the peak down if you’re being blasted with sun.

Wearing your hat backwards is also an option if the sun is beating down on your neck, but modern helmets aren’t really designed for this - check the fit before you go out for your ride.

At the coffee stop

Here’s where it’s really important to get it right - wearing your cycling hat at the coffee stop. Arguably the essential part of riding. Peak up is almost a requirement here, peak down just doesn’t have the same cool factor - you know? 

The reality is you can wear your cycling cap however you feel like. The only point which needs to be emphasised is the fit of your helmet - you’ve got to make sure it isn’t compromised.